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Whether you're just getting started in business or an established brand, I am always happy to get connected. Use the contact form or hit me up on your favorite network to talk some more.

© 2019 Made with ♡ in Houston by Anthony Trollope.

Hi, I'm Anthony. I'm a digital marketing consultant in Houston.

I've been involved in online marketing for over 12 years, 5 of those most recent have been in leadership roles.  My accomplishments in digital are broad, as are my expertise, but my strength and passion is in SEO and PPC.


I actually fell into the industry quite by chance at age 17, the summer before heading to University to study E-Commerce. Growing up, I was 13 when I started my first business; selling DVDs on eBay. When that market dried up, I took my money and bought what I only anticipated at the time to be a hobby I would run at University.

I consider myself fortunate that my passion to learn new things collided with an opportunity to commercialize a hobby. 


After graduating in 2010 and going full-time with the business, over a 6 year period I grew traffic 500+%, our membership from 3,500 to 175,000. When I sold the business to a private equity group, over a quarter of a million people were using the site monthly.


Fast-forward to today, I moved to Houston in 2016 to marry my wife, whom I met while traveling here just 12 months prior. By day I am the Digital Marketing Director at American Medical ID, a company that manufactures and sells its own brand of medical ID jewelry. In my free time, if I am not working on my next DIY project at home, you'll find me helping businesses like yours grow their online presence. 


My Services.


There are no successful SEO strategies that stem from a cookie cutter approach. The goals of your business are at the heart of what will define success in SEO. You may not know exactly what those goals are yet, but I can help you align them with the most suitable SEO approach. This process includes some of the following and more:

  • Strategy & ideation

  • Technical audits

  • E-Commerce & local SEO

  • Content marketing & citation building


Whether you're seeking leads, sales, phone calls or insight, the best PPC strategies are all optimized around a searchers intent. I see so much wastage and inefficient dispensing of budgets that could otherwise be put to use growing businesses. Curious what budget suckers could be lingering in your accounts? I can help you with:

  • Opportunity analysis & competitor insights

  • Ad creation & strategy optimization

  • Lead generation & conversion funnels

  • Reporting & analytics


"I root for the little guy and I’ll always choose a challenger brand over a leader. If I’m not competing to win then I’m not adding value."

Anthony Trollope